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Adelaide Hills Pipe & Cable Location (AHPCL) can provide (but not limited to) location of the following services:
- Electrical - Telecommunications
- Gas - Sewer/Septic
- Water - Automated Irrigation


Why do I need my services located
Failure to identify and locate underground
assets and utilities can have the following
- Injury or death to workers and the public
- Damage to underground assets, pipes
& cables
- Financial liability for resultant damage
costs if infrastructure is struck
- Interruption of services to any number
of people and businesses
Industries using Adelaide hills cable locator:
- Fencing contractors - Civil construction
- Earthmovers - Builders
- Sign writers - Concreters
- Farmers - Vineyards
- Plumbers - Electricians
- Landscape designers - Home owners

What do I need to have my services located
AHPCL pride themselves in providing minimal
delay in locating your services. To ensure this, in most cases the following is required:
- Current Dial Before You Dig plans ( no more
than 60 days old) - AHPCL can organise this on your behalf if provided with accurate information of work location, e.g. address, location area required etc. Or contact Dial Before You Dig: URL- www.1100.com.au 24hrs/day. ALLOW UP TO 1 WEEK TO RECEIVE PLANS! ALTHOUGH 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS IS COMMON
- Other relevant documents relevant to site works where available-eg development plans
- Personnel on site at time of locating
Send Adelaide Hills Pipe and Cable Location services an email
Contact: Matt Willsmore
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Adelaide Hills Pipe & Cable Location services are TELSTRA APL accredited and use the industry standard in Radiodetection.


AHPCL use Radiodetection underground service locators, the industry standard, to provide accurate line location and depth indication.
Locate a cable, locate a pipe, or any other electrical, gas, water, telecommunication, sewer, septic, or automated irrigation in SA hills. Call for an urgent Adelaide hills cable locator.

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